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The Newnan Presbyterian Preschool was established in 1983 as an outreach Ministry of the Newnan Presbyterian Church.  The preschool was created to provide a high quality early Christian education program with a low Student/Teacher ratio.

At Newnan Presbyterian Preschool and Kindergarten we strive to maintain a balanced awareness of the relationship between social-emotional and intellectual growth.  We are particularly interested in the social-emotional aspects of development on the preschool level.  This provides a basis for self-confidence which is the key to developing positive attitudes toward school.

Curriculum, Tuition and Fees, Schedule

It is our goal at Newnan Presbyterian Preschool for your child to truly love school!  Our programs have been designed to help your preschool child develop the social, emotional, and developmental skills necessary for a successful preschool and kindergarten experience.  Our four year olds and Kindergarteners use the Sing, Spell, Read & Write curriculum.  Our other classes use academic curriculum suited specifically for their age group, designed by a committee of teachers and parents.

Your child will be offered many opportunities to grow, learn, and develop new skills through a total language arts approach.  Units are age appropriate for children ages 2-4 years using creative play activities, as well as hands on learning activities.  These activities encompass language development, large and small motor developments, spatial and number concepts, arts and music, practical life skills, nature and science, while math skills are developed through the use of manipulatives.

The most important part of the preschool curriculum is providing an environment in which children grow in self-confidence and know that they are loved in order to grow and learn.

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Morning Drop Off - Our carpool drop off line begins at 8:50 am.  A teacher will assist your child out of the car and into the building.  We ask that you please do not bring your child to school before this time.  Teachers use the early morning time to prepare for the day.  Parents that drop off children too early will be charged a fee.

If you need to enter the building, please park in the lot beside the playground.

Afternoon Pick Up - Afternoon pick up begins at 11:50 am for infants through 2 year olds.  Pick up for three year olds (TWTh and M-Th) begins at 12:00 pm and M-F 3s and four year olds classes begins at 12:05 pm.  Kindergarten pick up begins at 1:00 pm.  Your child will receive a carpool card during orientation.  Please display your card from the rearview mirror when using the carpool line for pick up. Children will not be released to any one other than the parent or prior approved friends/relatives without written notice.

Infants and Toddlers - need to be dropped off and picked up from their classroom.  Infants and Toddlers that stay for lunch bunch need to be picked up from the classroom.

In an effort to expedite the carpool line we ask:

  • drivers to stay in the car at all times, we will help children with seat belts
  • NO CELL PHONE USE while in line
  • please do not leave your car unattended in the carpool line at any time for any reason
  • please try to make conversations with teachers and assistants brief, if you need to discuss an issue, please schedule a time with the teacher.

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Aggressive Behavior and Biting

While the safety and safe play of our students is our foremost concern, incidents do happen.  Teachers will keep records of biting and aggressive behavior incidents.  If another child injures your child, your child’s teacher will notify you.  The teachers will also notify parents of children who exhibit the behavior, and a conference may be required. 
Conference visits are mandatory if a child exhibits the aggressive behavior up to three times.  Parents will be asked to remove the child from the classroom for one week.  If the behavior continues, the school reserves the right to remove the child from the preschool program.  No refunds will be given.


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Children should wear comfortable, washable play clothes and sturdy play shoes.  Flip flop type sandals and boots are discouraged as they may interfere with a child’s ability and willingness to participate in musical movement and play time.
Accidents sometimes happen!  Please bring your child one complete change of clothes in a large Ziploc type bag marked with his/her name.

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You are a very important part of our program, for you are your child’s first teacher.  It is important that we exchange ideas and information because you can teach us a great deal about your child.  We are here for the children, so it is essential that we know about special events in your child’s life.  Anything that might affect your child certainly concerns us (family illnesses, death of a family member or pet, accidents, divorces, etc.).  Good communication is essential in order for our relationship to be most effective.

You will receive monthly correspondence from your child’s teacher to inform you of what is taking place in the classroom.  Please look for important dates and information in these letters and calendars.  This way, you will be able to talk with your child specifically about things that he/she is doing.

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Preschool is a place where children begin to learn acceptable behavior and to act accordingly.  Classroom rules are explained to the children on the first day of school.  These rules are then reiterated throughout the year.  Children learn to treat others and their belongings with respect.  When necessary, we do use the “time out” philosophy.  After understanding the rules, the child will be given a warning if he/she chooses to break a rule.  If the child breaks the rule again, the child will be given an age appropriate time out.  If the problem is recurring, we will contact you so that you may also discuss appropriate preschool behavior.


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We require a current immunization form for each child enrolled in our program.  This form may be obtained from your pediatrician or the public health department.  Forms are due at the first of the school year.

In an effort to protect all of our children from the spread of contagious illnesses, we ask that you please keep your child at home if he/she has any of the following symptoms:

  1. Fever- has a morning temperature of 100 degrees or higher
  2. Tummy ache- has had 2 or more episodes of vomiting or diarrhea or has had one in the past 24 hours and feels tired or ill
  3. Sneezing/Runny nose- is sneezing a lot and nose won’t stop running
  4. Sore Throat- has tender, swollen glands and a fever of 100 degrees or higher
  5. Cough- coughs frequently, coughs up phlegm, or cough sounds like a bark or is accompanied by a sore throat or wheezing
  6. Earache- pain in ear is constant or severe
  7. Rash- rash blisters, develop pus or is uncomfortable

Your child may return to school after the following criteria have been met:

  • No fever for a full 24 hours without a fever reducer medication given
  • No vomiting for a full 24 hours
  • No diarrhea for a full 24 hours
  • Conjunctivitis requires 24 hours of prescription eye drops before returning to school
  • Strep Throat requires 24 hours of oral antibiotics before returning to school

Please notify your child’s teacher in writing of any food allergies your child may have.

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Medical Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency, every possible effort will be made to contact you immediately.  However, we require an emergency “consent to treatment” form in the event that medical attention is needed before we are able to reach you.

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Children may not bring toy guns, knives, or weapons of any sort.  Such items will be taken away from the students and the parents will be notified.

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In the event of inclement weather, NPPK will follow the schedule for Coweta County Schools.  Should Coweta County delay the start of school until 10:00 am or later, NPP will NOT have school.  Be sure to check local radio or television for this information or check the school website   Please do not call the school or church office.


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Throughout the school year, there will be several special activities for your child to participate in.  While there is no obligation, we invite and encourage parents to participate.



We believe that in a church school there should be an emphasis on spiritual development.  Through the use of the church chapel, children will become more aware that they are special, important and priceless.  Activities will include fun Christian songs and simple stories teaching children about God’s love and His beautiful world.

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Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of our learning environment.  You will find a permission form included with other “Parent forms” on the school web site.  Please sign and return the form to your child’s teacher.  You will always receive advance notice of a field trip. 

  • We ask that each child wear his/her NPPK T-Shirt when going on a field trip.  This makes it easier for the teacher and chaperones to keep an on-going head count.
  • Children under age 8 (or 4’9” tall and 80 lbs.) are required by law to ride in a car seat or booster seat appropriate for their height and weight.  Each class needs drivers and chaperones.  Please let your child’s teacher know if you are available.

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Lunch Bunch

Lunch bunch is available for the preschool children from 12:00-1:00 at an additional cost of $5.00 per day.  Your child must bring his/her own lunch and drink for lunch bunch.  It is not necessary to make a reservation for lunch bunch.  You will be billed for lunch bunch at the end of each month.  The billing period will be the 25th of the month to the 24th of the next month.  Billing will appear on the monthly statement.  Lunch bunch payments may be made in the same check with tuition payment.
Kindergarteners will need to bring a lunch for the lunchtime in the classroom.

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Teacher Conferences

In February/March, the teachers of 4 yr. olds will give parents the opportunity to meet on an individual, private basis.* This will be a time to discuss the child’s progress and development.  Parent/Teacher conferences may be requested at any time by either teacher or parent should the need arise.
* The kindergarten class has conferences twice a year. Children 3 yrs. old and younger do not plan scheduled conferences but one can be scheduled upon request.


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