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Parent Testimonials


This is our first year at NPPK and it has been nothing but AMAZING!  Our son had never been left with anyone before; therefore, I did a lot of research when it came time for a preschool selection. The moment I had contact with the Director, Ms. Barbara, I knew instantly that this is where God wanted us to be.  She welcomed me in such a warm and comforting manner.  I felt like family.  She was very understanding of my fear of leaving our son in someone else’s hands and let us spend some time in the classroom before making a decision.  After spending the day in Ms. Anna's and Ms. Maribel’s class, I knew that my search was over!  Ms. Anna and Ms. Maribel have been absolutely WONDERFUL!!  Our son has learned so much!  In addition to counting; cutting, coloring, learning to write his name, and saying his ABC’s, he has also learned to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and say the Blessing before each meal.  He has learned to take direction from and listen to others in charge, as well as, develop a great amount of independence.  NPPK has created a fantastic foundation for our son’s education.  They offer a structured, fun, loving environment and I highly recommend their program.  We look forward to many more years at NPPK! - The Riley Family


We love Newnan Presbyterian Preschool! They offer many programs such as Music, Spanish, Letters Alive, Science, and Chapel that are preparing my children academically but also emotionally and spiritually.  They are providing my children with a love for learning at such an early age. However, the most important thing to me is that the teachers and staff are so kind and caring. I know my children are truly loved while they are there which means so much to me as a mother! - Chris Child

Both of my children, now in elementary school, attended Newnan Presbyterian Preschool & Kindergarten.  They received more than just a few hours away from mommy….they learned things at a very early age that have helped them become very sucessful students at public schools.  Besides the normal things like coloring, cutting, ABC’s, numbers and songs, they learned self-discipline, how to act in a classroom, basic etiquette and how to make friends.  With monthly chapel lessons, they also had an opportunity to learn more about God and His family.  I can’t tell you how many cute art projects they brought home…especially at the holidays.  Many of these are now laminated and hang on our bookshelves at Christmas.  Priceless memories!  Not to mention, my all-time favorite, the little yearbook that each teacher puts together with special photos, artwork and “about me” information. This has become such a special keepsake for our family.  I’ll never forget all the special events which hold a dear place in my heart….Dress Like a Grown Up Day, a field trip to the fire station downtown, trick-or-treating on the square, Pilgrim & Indian celebration at Thanksgiving, paper mache projects in kindergarten, Wacky Wednesdays, Pajama Day, graduation songs and poems, and many holiday parties, egg hunts and end of year celebrations. 

One day, when your child is in “big” school, you’ll look back on these years and hope that you did everything possible to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. I can tell you without a doubt, that by sending them to NPPK, you are putting them on a path to success… educationally, socially and emotionally.  -- Sally Anderson

Both of my children, ages 5 and 2 are currently enrolled at NPP. My oldest has been there since he was 18 months old. I cannot speak highly enough of the program there. When my oldest son started the program, he was still toddling around and babbling, and now, he walks through the doors every morning a confident 5 year old excited for what the day will bring. I have the assurance of knowing that he is being well cared for in a loving, Christian environment with staff members who clearly love the children. I am sad for the day that my children "graduate" out of NPP, but I know they will be well prepared both academically and socially for the next step in their education. Parenting carries with it difficult decisions along the way, and I am very thankful that we made the right decision for our family in choosing NPP.  -- Carrie Markham

Who would you trust with your children? An important decision that should not be taken lightly…

Friends and personal recommendations sparked our initial interest in Newnan Presbyterian Preschool & Kindergarten.  Now, in our second year, we could not be happier.  The staff, teachers & parent’s council are dedicated to the children’s success. The NPPK atmosphere is one of family & community.  It seems as if each teacher knows our children by name regardless of which class they attend.

Academically, NPPK prepares children for their formal education with a foundation that emphasizes a variety of skills including learning, classroom etiquette & music.

Our two-year-old son’s socialization has progressed tremendously. His manners improved and upon request, can recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The teachers in our daughter’s infant class were the first to notice a physical abnormality that fortunately proved to be harmless. Point being, NPPK’s teachers are more than care givers, but rather an extension of family, treating each child as their own.

With several annual fundraisers to help offset the cost of upgrades & new equipment, the tuition remains more than reasonable.

We look forward to another great year. --Amitai Pierce


I have two daughters who are currently enrolled in NPPK. Emlyn is in Ms. Mell's young two's class. This is Emlyn's first year in preschool. Kara is in Ms. Julie's 3 year old class and this is her 3rd year at NPPK. I work for Coweta county schools so education is very important to me. I thoroughly researched the preschools in the Coweta and Fayette areas before enrolling Kara at NPPK. I came across a number of great schools but I ultimately chose NPPK. The teachers at NPPK are one of the reasons I chose the school. Many of the teachers have been there a long time and have built a very positive reputation. NPPK does a great job in hiring and retaining excellent teachers. Another reason I choose NPPK is for its experience. It truly runs like a well oiled machine. For the three years that my oldest has been enrolled, I have not had one single issue, complaint or concern. That speaks for itself! I've also been very impressed at how the school continues to improve and grow. They added a science classroom this year which my daughter loves. I have no reservations about the choice we made for our daughters to attend NPPK. --Shea Lasiter

When I think back to the two years my daughter went to Newnan Presbyterian Preschool, the one word I think about is WONDERFUL! The teachers and staff are loving and caring towards the kids and parents. It is apparent that the staff wants your child to be there to learn and feel safe and happy. The lines of communication are always open and needs are appropriately addressed.  

It has been two years since we’ve been to school here but my daughter still talks about her positive experience in the 3 year old class and in Pre-K. She loved the teachers and friends she met while there. I would highly recommend this preschool to anyone. Even if you live closer to a different preschool, it is worth the longer drive to come to NPP!! -- Rachelle Gerson


People say it takes a village to raise a child, the wonderful staff at NPP are a fantastic addition to our village.. My daughter loved going to school and camps at NPP and still loves to see her teachers around town.. And academically she was more than prepared for kindergarten, we highly recommend NPP for your village.-- The Lee Family

To the teachers and staff of NPP, We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The exceptional experience our family had during the three years we attended NPP was far above our expectations. Watching our daughter grow emotionally, socially and academically through out her time there made our hearts swell with pride and admiration. The caring family atmosphere made us feel welcome to be a part of Emma's daily educational career. The individual attention each of you gave to our daughter was the foundation for her continued growth and learning at The Heritage School to this day and forward.

With learning as your top priority, daily life as an NPP parent/child was always a fun adventure that will stay with us forever !!! -- With warmest regards, The Renno Family


"You get to have fun and play with your friends, and the teachers are funny!" -- Gabby R.


"Our oldest daughter started at NPP when she was 2 years old. From her first day of school until the day she graduated from the Pre-K program, it has been nothing but a positive experience. In her 2 and 3 year old classes, she gained structure, social skills, and life skills. In the Pre-K class, she learned language, reading, and writing skills that far exceeded our expectations, as well as what is required to being Kindergarten. Her teachers always showed a genuine interest in her personal well-being, in addition to her academic growth. We are so glad we chose to enroll her at NPP. Now our second daughter attends NPP; we love hearing her songs and stories from school, and we look forward to seeing her growth and progress in the coming years!"  --Tony and Rachel R.


NPP is such a wonderful place! Its small, and everyone is so nice and welcoming. When you drop your children off you feel secure knowing they are in great hands. I never worry about my child when I leave him each day and when I pick him up he is always smiling, having had a wonderful day! -- Valarie Hayes

NPP has been a big part of our family for many years. All three of our daughters attended the preschool beginning at age 2 and continued throughout kindergarten. We had wonderful teachers throughout the years. You can feel the love the teachers have for the kids. Once our girl's entered first grade they were more than prepared for school both academically and emotionally. These were very important years and we made the best decision by trusting Newman Presbyterian Preschool with our children's future. -- Sherrie Brillanti

Our third grader attended the NPP program for 4 years.  Kindergarten graduation was bittersweet, as we knew we were saying good-bye to the NPP family we had grown to know and love.  The teachers and staff at NPP equipped our son with the academic and social tools he would need to succeed far beyond his years spent at NPP.  If you are looking for an exceptional preschool experience for your child, NPP is the best Newnan has to offer. --Allen & Shelly Farrish  

I would like to give you my whole-hearted recommendation for Newnan Presbyterian Preschool.  My son attended NPP for 3 year old and 4 year old preschool, having Miss Anna and Miss Shanna for his teachers. I couldn’t think of a more loving environment to entrust my child’s first school experience to.  Miss Anna was his biggest supporter and cheerleader.  I always knew she had his best interests in mind daily.  Miss Shanna’s plan for kindergarten preparedness was detailed and thorough, yet she always had fun with the students as well.

He is now a second grader at Woodward Academy and is thriving, in part, I believe, to his strong foundation began at Newnan Presbyterian Preschool.  He is surrounded by children who have attended many of the best and most renowned preschools in the metro Atlanta, area since his school draws from every nearby county surrounding the city of Atlanta.  I believe he is just as well, if not better prepared than many of his classmates.

You have many choices for your child’s early education opportunity.  I can think of no better choice than NPP!  I still lovingly admire artwork and holiday decorations from his days at the school.  I know you will too! -- Sue Fritts


I would highly recommend Newnan Presbyterian Preschool and Kindergarten to a parent who wants a warm, loving educational place for their child to begin their school years. My daughter, Kaitlyn who is now 7, started at NPPK in
2008. She has severe food allergies and Anna Insolia made her feel safe and included, even during snack time. Kaitlyn learned everything from socializing with children her age, standing in line, asking another adult for help, and to deal with her food allergies outside of her safety zone of her home. It was a blessing for all of us and to this day, she still talks about her love for Ms. Anna! She stayed at NPP through Kindergarten and had a wonderful time at this lovely school. The teachers are all welcoming, loving and teach beyond the call of duty. I, personally, was concerned about
the transition to first grade after 3 years of half-days. She transitioned gracefully into first grade at her new school. Kaitlyn didn't blink an eye with any of her new school work. She was able to succeed beyond what was
expected of her. Her reading and writing were above par, thanks to Susan Thompson (pre-k) and Susan Graham (Kindergarten) for instilling the love of reading and all of the practice with sight words paid off.
We loved NPP so much that we enrolled Kember the following year. Every child is different and has different challenges which is concerning for a parent. This is true with my own children. Food allergies are a big concern but with Kember, she also has a speech delay, seizures, as well as an August birthday. Anna took her under her wing and even practiced her speech homework with her when time allowed. She understood Kember's hesitance to speak in front of others because of her speech and she made certain that this wasn't an issue in playing with other children in the class. Anna not only made sure that Kember was safe with foods but watched for signs of a seizure. She called on day and said "Kember is just off and doesn't seem herself, please watch her closely to make sure she doesn't have a seizure." This kind of extra attention will not be found in a class with 24 kids, this is the kind of love and attention that you will find at this amazing school. My biggest concern was for Kember to not be ready and it delay her speech
further. She has absolutely flourished at NPP under Anna and currently Susan Thompson in pre-k. I recently received Kember's kindergarten evaluation and she not only did wonderful but was the second highest in the class!
These children will spend the next 12+ years in school and I think it is absolutely important to start these years with a solid foundation full of love and support for each, individual child. I highly recommend Newnan Presbyterian Preschool and Kindergarten for your child's beginning! My only wish is that they went beyond kindergarten.
-- Jennifer Lackey

This is our first year at NPPK, and we have experienced nothing but the BEST! Our son, Barrett, attends the older two's program two days a week. From the first day we stepped foot in NPPK, we have felt like family. We
love the fact that each staff member knows our child by name, and he is not just "some" kid. The entire staff has far exceeded our expectations.
As expected, we all experienced a little separation anxiety at the beginning of the school year. Barrett's teachers,
Mrs. Jennifer Leigh and Mrs. Anna, comforted us with their compassionate, patient spirit and helped make our transition to school easier. Our family quickly grew to love NPPK, because it is obvious that Barrett's teachers
love him and what they do each day. Mrs. Jennifer Leigh and Mrs. Anna have cheered along with us as Barrett has celebrated several milestones and began his educational experience. Barrett's teachers are the BEST of the
Mrs. Barbara is a great director for NPPK. Her welcoming spirit and warm heart make NPPK outstanding! It is obvious that Mrs. Barbara supports her staff, appreciates the parents, and always operates in the best interest of the children.
Thank you NPPK for giving us the opportunity to be apart of such a fantastic preschool family. We look forward to many more years at NPPK.
-- The Thomas Family

Our daughter has been thriving here at NPPK.  She was a little shy and reserved when she first started at age two.  Since then, she has not only come out of her shell but has grown leaps and bounds.  The teachers here truly care about the children and their needs.  We see them create a safe, friendly, and fun learning environment in which the children are able to build their confidence and build their knowledge through projects, music, and interactive play.  With this strong foundation, the children’s curiosity is sparked.  The children are taught that learning is fun and are therefore allowed to blossom.

At NPPK children also learn important lessons for every day life, like respect for others, sharing, being polite, and helping others.  Since our daughter started out a little shy and reserved, the most important aspect for us as her parents is that our daughter is now able to assert herself in a group.  She feels confident enough to speak up and know that it is ok to do so. 

The knowledge that our daughter has absorbed here at NPPK is incredible, from songs, prayers, and the pledge of allegiance, to cutting different shapes, learning to write, and so much more. 

However, the most rewarding part of it all is that our daughter loves doing it, she loves going to school, and she loves her teachers, and so do we! -- Lisa and Ryan Downs


For the past seven years, I have been part of Newnan Presbyterian Preschool and Kindergarten.  My family and I had relocated from Florida and I needed to find a preschool for my youngest child, Madison.   I spoke to many local neighbors and acquaintances, and all of them recommended me to Newnan Presbyterian Preschool.  My daughter spent three years there, and I watched her social and academic skills flourish from the very beginning.  She has developed into a kind, confident and intelligent young girl; and of this is due in part to the guidance of Ms. Kim and Ms. Shanna.  Ms. Kim taught her good listening skills and how to adapt to a classroom environment. This allowed her to understand the importance of continuous strong academics lead by Ms. Shanna; all while having fun and feeling a strong sense of love by them both, (as well as the other instructors).

I am also privileged to be able to say that I am an instructor at the preschool.  I honestly must say that I work with the best group of people.  We are all kind and considerate to one another.  We all step in to aid each other when necessary; all due in part to the guidance of our director, Ms. Barbara Kookogey.   We are, in a sense, a family.  There is a strong commitment to our belief in this preschool and I am proud to share this with you today. 

The foundation to a child’s future begins now, and my own child is proof of this.  I would highly recommend any prospective parent to start their child’s future off right by sending them to this great preschool. – Anna Insolia


When it comes time for a first-born child to go to school for the first time, every parent has more than a few moments of fear as they hand their child over to a school they might not be familiar with and a teacher they do not know. In 2008 "The Greenwood Family" did just that. We were so nervous because our son, Nathan, had major separation anxiety. His teachers (Mrs. Janet/Mrs. Kelly -M/W/F - 2 year old class) welcomed him with such open arms that let him know that there class was a warm and loving environment were he would be able to learn, laugh and grow. With in the first week, we immediately fell in love with his teachers. We as parents were thankful that our child was in a safe and caring environment that he was enjoying. Our hearts opened wider for the NPP family 2 months later when Nathan was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Not only was this a hard adjustment on Nathan and our family but trying to figure out away for him to adjust at school with this life altering disease was just as complicated. However, NPP never seemed to let me down. With concern and out-pouring support they took us under there wing and learned what they need to, so our child could return to school as normal as possible. Nathan went on to learn so many new things this year that we became very grateful for.
In 2009, we had the pleasure of Mrs. Julie/Mrs. Jamie - T/W/T - 3yr old class. These set of teachers showed such a great dedication to there students and at the same time, took the time to learn all about Nathan and his diabetes. Unlike the year before, this year was a bit more in depth as they needed to learn about his insulin pump and how to work it. Without a second thought they jumped right in and took control, which in my eyes was a courageous gesture. They showed such confidence and poise within there classroom and in return showed a remarkable difference in our son.
In 2010, Nathan moved on to the local elementary school. But with out hesitation we enrolled our youngest, Noah, at 15 months into Mrs. Jill/Mrs. Cindy - Toddler class. What an extraordinary set of teachers. From the moment we entered that classroom we felt the love radiate. They knew exactly how to calm the children down when they were missing there parents, they knew what to do if they weren't feeling that well, and most of all they knew how to show the right kind of love to make all the children feel at home.
In 2011, Noah had the pleasure of having Mrs. Janet/Mrs. Kelly - M/W/F - 2yr old class. This by far was one of the most exciting moment for us, as they had taught Nathan 2 years prior and now they would have the pleasure of doing the same with our youngest. As usual there class was such a fun environment with a twist of education. We were sad to hear that Mrs. Janet was leaving at the end of the school year but so grateful that we were able to share our children with her.
In 2012, we came to a dilemma. Do we stick to our roots and send Noah into Mrs. Julie/Mrs. Jamie's class or do we become selfish and enroll him in a M-F class. Greed overcame us and we landed with Mrs. Kim/Mrs. Michelle - M-F - 3yr old class. We knew from open house that this was going to be a great year. The work and progress Noah has made in there class is remarkable. They have such a well controlled fun learning and loving classroom.

We will be sad to move on next year, as Noah will be moving on with his big brother at the local elementary school but NPP will remain a huge part of our lives. They say "A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart", this with out exception goes for NPP. Every teacher and staff that we have come across have done exactly that. I would highly recommend NPP to any parent looking for exceptional teachers with a passion for teaching and loving your child as there own. -- Elizabeth Greenwood


Everyone who has a child, knows how difficult it is to entrust their care to someone else. We were thrilled with our experience at NPP. Our sons, both in elementary school now, were not only well-prepared for kindergarten, but were loved and cared for as well. Sometimes kids need a little extra "hand-holding"....sometimes their parents need it too! We can honestly say that in the four-plus years spent at NPP, they provided that and more for us. We can't recommend NPP enough! -- Teresa and Russ Collins, parents to Ryan and Drew


In 2008, my family moved to Newnan and we enrolled our then  4 year old son for preschool at Newnan Presbyterian.  Our teacher was Miss Shanna, or as she tells the kids, Shanna Banana.  Reid immediately felt at home in her classroom.  She knew how to make learning fun... and the things they learned! I was surprised one day when he told his older sister what a rhombus and a trapezoid are...not your typical preschool shapes!  As she told me, "their little brains are like sponges so we talk about everything in the classroom".  Her classroom was always full of laughter and I knew my child was going to learn in a fun, loving place each day.  Reid loved Shanna Banana and still talks about her to this day.   It was a great experience for us all that year! -- Kathleene Lollis


My family has been a part of NPP&K for over 5 years now and we have had a wonderful experience here. All of the teachers and staff have been a blessing to us and our children. They are nurturing and provide a fun, safe environment for all of the children. I have always felt confident that my children were happy and well cared for at NPP. The preschool provides so many fun, learning activities for the children and gets them well prepared for future school years. I highly recommend NPP. It has, and continues to be, a very special place for us and our children. -- Matt and Ashley Horne, parents of Macy and Jackson